NAMM 2012…

another NAMM show has come and gone. As far as I can remember, this is now my tenth time attending this show. I thought that... Read More
January 2012
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On the road again!

…aaalmost done packing – it’s interesting that a process that took hours when I started touring is now compressed into a half hour of madness.... Read More
October 2011
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Feb. 13th 2011

…in case you were wondering: no, I haven’t fallen in a ditch somewhere! It’s been a busy few months at the construction site of our... Read More
September 2011
Grooveyard // Thomas Leeb - Desert Pirate
  1. Grooveyard // Thomas Leeb - Desert Pirate
  2. Jebuda // Desert Pirate
  3. Nai Nai // Desert Pirate
  4. Oachkatzlschwoaf // Desert Pirate
  5. Isobel // Desert Pirate
  6. No Woman, No Cry // Desert Pirate
  7. Desert Pirate // Desert Pirate